Lets try a different approach to performance appraisals!

Annual Appraisals may be outdated!

How long have annual performance reviews/appraisals been in place? Well, I am not sure exactly but research suggests that performance appraisals were born out of Taylors Time & Motion studies implemented in the 1940’s.

No wonder then that the tendency has been to focus on what was not achieved over the period of reflection, with only a small amount of time (if any at all) spent discussing what the employee did well.
Don’t you find it interesting that our sporting athletes excel when their coaches focus most of their time and energy in identifying and developing their strengths and only a very small amount of time on weaknesses? I do and I have always thought it odd that in workplaces across the globe we do exactly the opposite (to sports coaches) and expect our employees to be grateful and to respond with enthusiasm and increased productivity!

Time then for a new approach…..

What if, together we could identify your work related strengths and those of your employees? What if, together we could identify your top 7 work related strengths? These are the characteristics that energise us and help us to perform at our best.

Strengthscope is the world’s most extensive strengths profiling and development system that measures work related strengths. Unlike many assessment systems, Strengthscope uses a positive approach, it is pragmatic and motivates people to develop themselves beyond narrow boxes. It has been researched and tested thoroughly for over 10 years. It is the only Strengths assessment tool that is approved by the BPS (British Psychological Society) and the only one to incorporate a 360 assessment that enables managers and co-workers to provide input on how effectively the person is using their strengths.

Strengthscope is an enabler, it gives people the opportunity to focus on what they are good at and provides a platform for managers to change the way they review or appraise performance – Hooray for that!

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For a free no obligation and informal chat about Strengthscope or any HR questions you may have, please get in touch because my top 7 strengths include collaboration and developing others…………….