We offer a wide range of HR and related services to support you in running your business and making the most of your people. Below is a list of the key services we currently offer but our service is holistic and we do not use off the shelf solutions, each business is unique and that is how we approach them. If you cannot see the service you require listed below please do get in touch as we may well be able to help.


Small business owners or managers usually contact us when they need to find a solution to a productivity challenge or, when they are facing a people related problem that has refused to go away despite considerable effort. We are ideally placed to help you find that solution, resolve the issue and improve productivity.

Dealing with a specific, people-related problem is also a great opportunity to make sure that your current contractual documents, terms & conditions and any policies already in place are effective, up-to-date and comprehensive. See our HR Healthcheck Audit service below for more details.


You can have your own HR manager, dedicated to your business, whenever you need HR support. With no retainer to pay, no license fee, you pay only for the time you use when you use it, all at a highly competitive hourly rate.


As an existing client, you will receive free of charge, twice-yearly updates advising you of the new and soon to be introduced changes to employment law or legislation and how they might impact you and your business.

These updates occur every year in April and October but we know that most business owners and managers are too busy to research the impact of these changes on their business, so we do it for you to make sure your HR provision remains current and effective.


HR guidance and legislation is updated bi-annually in April and October so it is important to make sure that your HR policies, procedures and contractual documents are all up to date and as effective as possible.

One of our core services is the implementation of an audit of a business's HR documentation. We can help make your HR provision proactive rather than reactive by ensuring that it is current, comprehensive and practically applicable to your people. By having best practice documentation in place you can be reassured that, should a people management issue occur, your business position is clear and you can manage the situation effectively and efficiently.


Your people are your greatest resource and to ensure that you are getting the very best from that resource we work alongside you and your managers to coach best practice behaviours and improve performance, using SMART objectives, performance reviews, reward and recognition.

Happy, motivated and stimulated people stay in their roles and perform better than those that are not. We can help you build, develop and retain a productive and effective workforce for your business.


Are you starting from scratch? Do you need a start-up HR package? Having clear policies in place from day one will help any potentially time-consuming and costly HR related issues from arising.

Our start-up package includes a staff handbook, employment contract templates and people policies tailored to your business. We can provide either a cost effective standard start up pack or a more tailored package designed to facilitate the vision for your business.


We can work with you to help identify training and development opportunities for your staff, to help them build the skill sets your business needs to grow as well as to aid retention.


We can help you to source cost-effective, sustainable employee benefits and reward initiatives to help you build employee engagement, retain your skilled and experienced employees as well as attract the best talent in your sector.


Communication with your employees is an essential way of maintaining motivation, enthusiasm and buy-in. However, we understand that internal communication is often the last task on the list.

We can help ensure your staff are engaged and supportive of your business values and objectives with the development of a tailored and appropriately pitched employee communication plan. Alternatively, if you would rather develop the plan yourself we can support you by providing the structure, guidance and templates to facilitate that.

When it comes to implementing the plan we are also here to help, be it a monthly email, a quarterly newsletter or a daily social media programme we can deliver your messages succinctly and effectively, ensuring your staff are informed, included and up-to-date.


Making a recruitment decision can be straightforward or complex but either way it pays to be as informed as possible because a mistake can be time consuming, costly and potentially very disruptive or even damaging to the business.

Comprehensive employee identity checking enables you to manage the risks involved in recruitment to help you employ the right people, for the right roles, faster. We provide you with appropriate information so you can make intelligent hiring decisions consistently and confidently. The service we offer includes, identity checking, bank account verification and validation checking, a basic criminal record checking, driving licence checking, PEP & Sanctions & Enforcements checking and document image validation checking which can support your 'Right to Work' process.